What am I doing?!

I used to write heaps.  Journals everywhere, letters, random thoughts.  Mostly rambling.  But it served a purpose, at least more me, and occasionally people found it interesting And now I have these two other blogs one about chickens, well sort of, and the other about art and beauty but with an edge (at least I try).  And somehow my written musings simply don’t fit, or when I try to squeeze them into the artificial confines I have constructed somewhere in my mind, they seem rather out of place and forced.  So here I am.  With yes, another blog.  What am I doing you may ask?  Am I out of my mind? I must be, but the desert will do that to you.  However, if you are looking for coherence, focus, clarity, or order, go away.  You will find none of that here.  Here we revel in banter, confusion, and well, whatever comes to mind.


~ by mateolowen on 8 December, 2008.

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