Split personalities.

Excerpted from a g-chat conversation I had earlier today with my friend Sean.  Stay tuned for more exciting developments on the personality front…

Sean: 3 BLOGS!!!???

me: sorta, but really i just think of them as the same, but different chapters or categories

Sean: maybe you should create three fictional names and publish under your three split personality types

me: that sounds complicated

Sean: chicken matt = Frisco Dermott

political matt = Bates Kawinski

me: and contemplative matt?

Sean: contemptuous matt = Harold Blufaccio – I can do this all day

me: [shock!]

Sean: mental matt = Will Ellison
materialist matt = Ricky Fanta
lovey dovey matt = Chester Barley
they should each get their own blog

~ by mateolowen on 9 December, 2008.

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