Another list.

Maybe it’s because I am about to be 30.  Maybe it is because this is the longest I have lived anywhere and now I own a house and think of things in the long-term.  It could just be because I spend too much time at work daydreaming of things besides work.  But here is another list of things I need to do in the next few years:

1. Go on some long hiking trip.  I’m talking like the AT or the Arizona Trail or something.  Maybe not all of it, but a month’s worth or something.  Got an itch…

2. Learn another language…perhaps French?  Portuguese?  Try Swahili again?  Something.

3. Write more.  In my head this is a novel or a book or something long.  But mostly I just know I need to write more, even it is short stories.

4. Move forward on the whole grad school thing.  It’s about time.

5. Build a cabin.  On some land we own.  Guess we have to “own” the land first.  Preferably this will be with my family, splinters, stubbed toes and all.


~ by mateolowen on 5 February, 2009.

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