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Happy Friday the 13th and V Day all in one!


Another list.

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Maybe it’s because I am about to be 30.  Maybe it is because this is the longest I have lived anywhere and now I own a house and think of things in the long-term.  It could just be because I spend too much time at work daydreaming of things besides work.  But here is another list of things I need to do in the next few years:

1. Go on some long hiking trip.  I’m talking like the AT or the Arizona Trail or something.  Maybe not all of it, but a month’s worth or something.  Got an itch…

2. Learn another language…perhaps French?  Portuguese?  Try Swahili again?  Something.

3. Write more.  In my head this is a novel or a book or something long.  But mostly I just know I need to write more, even it is short stories.

4. Move forward on the whole grad school thing.  It’s about time.

5. Build a cabin.  On some land we own.  Guess we have to “own” the land first.  Preferably this will be with my family, splinters, stubbed toes and all.

Found this on the interwebs today.

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“Footprints carved in wood, which locals believe were made by a worshipper who prayed at the same spot for decades, are seen at a monastery near Tongren, Qinghai province.”  [Reuters]

Watch out.

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Thank goodness for Texas hackers who graced Austin residents with this public service announcement.  You can never be too careful.  They also shared other helpful messages such as “Then end is near!” and “Run for cold climates!”  All too true.  [The Dallas Morning News] [Fox News] [Io9]

Oh, and Jalopnik kindly tells everyone how NOT to do-it-yourself in case you find yourself in the endtimes and need to share life(soul?)-saving messages with fellow commuters.  Don’t do it though.  Seriously.  Don’t.

So weird. But I love it.

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Lately, I’ve had THIS on my mind…

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Rights Managed

I like lists.

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A lot.  So even though it is overly cliche and downright normal for me to make a list of things I will do in 2009, here goes:

1. Read more fiction.

2. Learn to really huck the frisbee.

3. Buy running shoes.  Where I go from there is a whole other list.

4. Get a dog.  Preferably one that doesn’t ruin my veggetable beds.

5. Take a welding class.